Zenga Studios

TITLE: "Did you think I would leave you crying when there's room on my horse for two?"

In making this work, I contemplated the sacrifices women make at the altar of motherhood: ways in which mothers put their bodies, spirits, and lives on the line in order to have and care for their offspring, as well as the psychological and physical effects of assisted conception.

I considered, also, the ways in which the Western world whitewashes motherhood and the land of the nursery, glossing over or sometimes ignoring entirely the fact that it is the inner world of the primary caregiver that becomes the child's actual world for their crucial first years.

And on the heels of my own experiences of loss, I asked myself: how does one--as one must--remobilize a life force that seems to have ceased its spinning?

The title of the sculpture is from the chorus of Australian Rolf Harris' song "Two Little Boys." Among other things, in this case I use it to refer to the tremendous revitalizing power of the smallest acts of kindness when one is in need.

Sculpture photos by www.thirdeyephoto.com.au
Photo of the artist by www.iandesouza.com.au

NOTE: This piece is quite intricate, and has


operated by the viewer using a WONDER WOMAN REMOTE near the right wheel in the photo.

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