Zenga Studios

The square red seal was carved by Hoi Csiu Chan and reads "Tiger Heart", the artist name given me by a fellow painter, derived from the line of a Rumi poem which reads: "Roar, Lion of the Heart and tear me open!". The elliptical seal you see on some pieces was carved by Jun Pei Cui and reads: "Roar Tiger, Open Heart!". The other square seal reading Tiger Heart, the red on white, is by Zhao Yu Wan,
The seal in Asian art functions as both a compositional element and signature. Some pieces, particularly more complicated prints are not as well served comopositionally by the addition, and in that case, pieces are individually signed.


I hold the Lion's Paw
Whenever I dance.

I know the ecstasy of the falcon's wings
When they make love against the sky,

And the sun and moon
Sometimes argue over
Who will tuck me in at night.

If you think I am having more fun
Than anyone on this planet
You are absolutely correct.

But Hafiz
Is willing to share all his secrets about how to befriend God.

Indeed, dear ones,
Hafiz is so very willing
To share all his secrets
About how to know the

I hold the Lion's Paw whenever I dance.
-Hafiz (transl. by Daniel Ladinsky)