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I Paint

I am a fiddler as well as a painter, so I can tell you firsthand that painting with Asian brushes is more akin to bowing a musical phrase, or dancing for that matter, than struggling to recreate external reality. No doubt my music has benefited my painting, and vice versa, and those who nurtured my music and those who still play music with me have also been my painting teachers.

Little-know fact: Indeed, Richie Havens, guitar great from Woodstock who still pours his soul out in every performance, is the proud owner of own of my pieces, so moved was I by the generous spirit of his music at a recent event in conjunction with a show of mine at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chiago in 2003.


"Paint a line. A brave line. Or a timid line. But a line that expresses at the core who you are in this moment. If the line is happy by itself, stop. If it begs for company, there are 10,000 imaginary lines next to the first. All but a handful will weaken or neutralize your bold beginning. The challenge is to effortlessly and without hesitation paint the line that will shine in its own right, while brightening the first. If you are not fully present, the brush will "show you up" on the page and make you humble once again. I prefer this sink-or-swim honesty: when the work succeeds, there is life on the page." -Karen Kain

Artist photo by www.paulmcginty.com

Video by Rob Murhpy.